“Peace on earth!”

We live in an uncertain world. We see this in many different ways. Politically, the so-called developed countries of the West seem to have lost their social and moral moorings and, in the name of progress and inclusivity, have even denied the pronouncements of the last great arbiter – Science. Our communities seem more fragmented […]

An Advent Reflection

I have just walked back from visiting my dad in the hospital. I’m so glad that he is making some progress but he is still a long way from well. I’m grateful to God for the thirteen years He has given my father beyond the three-score and ten. But the experience of seeing him so physically […]

What is the “fell” of dark?

One of the reasons that Hopkins’ poem kept my attention is the ambiguity of the opening line. What, exactly, did Hopkins mean when he chose the word “fell” to contrast the experiences of dark and day? When I think of the word “fell” I immediately think of fell-walking. This is because walking has been one […]